How long will my Doll Dynasty Hair last?

 All of our hair is guaranteed to last up to 1-3 years with proper care.


Can I color my Doll Dynasty Hair?

Yes, you can color your extensions. Our hair will color to the highest level and still maintain its luxurious look.


How many bundles do I need?

The longer the length, the thinner the bundle is. For inches 16-22, we recommend 3 bundles. For inches 24-30, we recommend 4 bundles. It depends on your liking.


Why is the color and or/texture of my hair different?

Your beautiful hair comes straight from the source. Each donor is different. Donors are different ages, have different wave patterns, and colors in their head. One of your bundles may appear to have more waves than the other. Common hair colors are 1b and 2. Once you install your hair it will blend perfectly.


How do I maintain my hair?

Hair care tips will be provided in your package. PLEASE be sure to co wash your hair before installing.