Hair Care Tips

COWASH your bundles and SEAL your wefts before installing.

Co-wash your hair at least twice a week. Co-washing is simply conditioning your hair, combing through your hair starting at the ends working your way up using a wide toothcomb or Denman brush. Let your conditioner sit 15 minutes- 2 hours. Rinse your hair with cool water, and let air-dry.

When shampooing your hair, apply shampoo onto your hair and wipe downwards, use a wide toothcomb to comb through your hair. Rinse shampoo out with warm water. Shampooing is only to clean your hair. Shampoo strips the cuticles and moisture from the hair. Keep in mind that your bundles are not attached to your scalp, so there is no oil being transferred into your hair. Please keep in mind that oil is not moisturizer. To provide moisture, simply deep condition the hair. 

If you bleach/dye your hair, it will require more maintenance 

RECOMMENDED shampoo and conditioner products include: 

Mizani True texture curls, coils, waves moisture replenish shampoo and conditioner, Pantene moisture restoring conditioner, Suave Professionals, Suave Shea Butter & Almond Oil Conditioner (green bottle), Paul Mitchell Detangle conditioner, Creme of Nature Sulfate free Argon Oil 
DO NOT use keratin on curly or wavy textures. Use only on straight hair.
DO NOT Use the following on any of your hair!!! 
Tresemme shampoo and conditioner, Dove shampoo and conditioner, Loreal shampoo and conditioner, V05, Pantene Pro V, Head and shoulders, White Rain, Garnier Fructis, or any natural hair products.

These products are known to have alcohol in them. The result of this is tangling, shedding or matting. 

Wrap your hair, this seals the moisture and will give you long lasting results.



OILS: This helps add moisture to your extensions. Apply a small amount and work your fingers through your hair (Recommended: Mizani high gloss serum, OGX organ oil of morocco)

                                                   Curly or Wavy

At night, prepare a spray bottle with 3 parts water and 1 parts conditioner. Spray your hair until it is damp. Detangle your curls/waves with a wide toothcomb, or a Denman brush (this brush is highly recommended). After detangling your hair, It is recommended that you use a curly cream (MIZANI curl define pudding), separate your hair and braid or twist your hair into plats. DO NOT sleep with your hair in a loose ponytail. 

                                             Straight or Loose wave 

At night, wrap your hair with a silk/satin scarf or bonnet 

                                                     Full Lace Wig

Keep in mind, plucking gives you a natural look, but plucking your lace wig is also untying your knots which may cause shedding. Please seal your wefts. 

Once your lace wig has been bleaced, keep in mind that it may cause dryness to the lace and may cause the lace to bald. Moisturize twice a week to keep this from happening.